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Speech Language Therapy

Speech language therapy provided in a child-centered approach promotes functional and purposeful language. When a child is motivated and interested in the therapeutic activities, because he or she is driving the session, they are going to connect more to the skills being targeted and thus demonstrate more substantial gains.


The therapist you choose is also crucial to seeing progress. When a child and therapist have a strong and trusting relationship, the child will tolerate more challenges in speech and language goals and work through and overcome these challenges with greater ease. 

Floortime Therapy

Floortime therapy will use the milestones outlined in Dr. Greenspan’s model to support your child where they are developmentally. We use affect and emotions to guide our interactions and join the child with the goal of drawing him or her into a shared world.


After developing a positive relationship by following the child’s lead, we then are able to introduce challenges based on their interests to expand.

Floortime Coaching

We recognize and emphasize the importance of family involvement in therapy because parents and close caregivers have the strongest relationship with the child.


We explain and work through the DIR model and support family members in feeling confident to use The Floortime Approach. 


If your child is already in a shared world, we can provide support in strengthening social relationships. Our goal is to provide Floortime sessions twice a week or more in the beginning to provide an intensive boost. If you feel that Floortime therapy is right for you but the amount of sessions is too much, please contact us to talk about your individual plan and goals.

Feeding Therapy

When asked, parents frequently report stressful and frustrating mealtime interactions - our goal is to change that! We focus on the relationship a child has at the table with foods and with partners and work to make mealtime fun.


We use the individual needs of the child and their family dynamic to create a program specific to the child. Our goals include increasing the number of foods a child will eat, positive mealtime routines, and interactions.

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