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Our specialized programs are specifically designed to provide you and your child with more than your typical, one hour per week speech-language therapy. These intensive, frequent sessions incorporate hands-on coaching for the parent or caregiver and are tailored to your family's individual needs. Throughout the program, you will receive visual aids, recommended readings/videos related to Floortime, and communication to share with your child's team. 


We will break down the DIR Model and The Floortime Approach as it applies to your child and teach you how to use Floortime to promote progress across all developmental stages.  Dyan will meet both the child and the family where they are in their journey and support each family with an individualized approach.


Each program ranges between 8-12 weeks with an evaluation at the beginning, including a detailed report specific to your child's development and goal areas. We will then move to intensive, individual speech-language sessions and hands-on parent coaching. Coaching sessions may also include caregivers, nannies, therapists, or teachers. Additional consultation sessions may also take place during these weeks. 

Relate & Communicate Program

The Relate and Communicate Program, "R&C," is designed to be either a jumping-off point for new families or a supportive boost for families who have already begun their Floortime journey. This program provides parents and caregivers with successful and attainable tools and resources to promote communication progress while treating the child individually. R&C is entirely individualized and tailored to each family's needs - the specifics of each program's design are determined between Dyan and the family. 


R&C provides 8-12 weeks of intensive therapy, with follow-up consultations. In addition to the weekly individual and coaching sessions, clients will have frequent access and check-ins with Dyan based on their needs and availability. At the end of the R&C program, each family will receive a written report specific to their child.


  • Commitment to the program first and foremost. Each person brings a unique and important role.

  • Consistent participation by key players, including family members, caregivers, teachers, etc.

  • Contribution of brief Floortime videos for feedback and reflection with Dyan throughout.

*Mileage and travel time fees apply and are based on distance from Earlsfield Train Station. Please contact us to learn more about program pricing.

Let's Work Together!

For questions regarding the programs, or to learn more, contact us today. 

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