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What is Floortime Florida?

Engage • Relate • Communicate

Floortime Florida is a pediatric practice offering speech-language therapy, Floortime coaching, and Floortime therapy in the home, community, and virtually. 


Founder Dyan Dickerson, M.A., CCC-SLP, is passionate about helping children and families using the Floortime Approach. 

Diverse Kindergarten

Home Based Therapy

We draw on the resources within the home and engage family members when possible in the sessions - we do not need to bring in a ‘bag of tricks’. We aim to provide parents and caregivers with tools necessary to help them feel confident in their interactions with the child!


Dyan began as my son's speech and feeding therapist when he was 18 months old. While we were told he might be nonverbal, Dyan gave us the hope that he would one day speak. Now, four years later, we can't get him to stop talking! When my son started with Dyan, he hadn't eaten any solid foods for six months. But since beginning her fantastic feeding program, he no longer fears food, and dining is an enjoyable experience. Without Dyan's support and encouragement, I don't believe my son would be where he is today. Not only did she provide my son with constant support, but also our whole family. She always goes above and beyond to offer advice and ideas that can be used at home. Words cannot express how grateful we are for Dyan.


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Floortime Florida offers in-person sessions throughout the London metro area and virtual sessions throughout the state of Florida

Licensed in the UK, Florida, and Colorado 

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